Q. How soon can you get my website to rank on the top spots on Google?
A: Depends on the difficulty of the keywords and the business industry.

For an easy industry: less than 3 months
For a medium difficulty industry: 3 – 6 months
For a highly competitive industry: 6 – 12 months

Q. What are the factors that you use to decide on pricing any SEO project?
The SEO budget for a project depends on the following factors:

1. Number of keywords that need to be ranked
2. The industry competitiveness & keyword difficulty of the keywords
3. Time-line goals
4. Location scope for ranking the website:
– ranking locally within an area or city,
– and/or, ranking nationally,
– and/or, ranking globally etc
5. Any need for a significant website architectural, technical and design changes to be handled or facilitated from our end to make the website more SEO friendly

Q. Is there any minimum duration contract for doing SEO with you guys?
Yes, we require a 6 month contract for our projects. In most cases, we are happily retained by our clients post that period and get our contracts extended to keep the rankings we have helped them achieve.

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