Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS? Read this!

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One of our good friends Matt in the industry has a blog for… well, you guessed it, “How to start a blog”.

He recently came up with an amazing infographic which covers indepth information on how to proceed when you’re migrating your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

We’re happy to bring this from him to you, hope you find it useful in your project!

Check Matt’s website here: https://www.onblastblog.com/http-to-https/

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Google Says: AMP To Be Shown In Organic Results

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What is AMP??? It stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s a version of a webpage that loads quicker on mobile devices than any other webpage format. This is an important feature for a website – especially websites that have text-based article like content – because the number of users surfing & searching for information via mobile devices has increased drastically.

Earlier this feature rolled out & was mainly used for News related stories, since news items are generally article based content. So their type of content was visited by users heavily & using AMP helped the users load pages faster & used less resources on the server’s end of the website.

Now Google has announced that it will bring this feature to other mobile websites too (apart from news). For this, Google has launched a demo site that will allow anyone to test what this AMP-experience is like, and give developers the opportunity to fine-tune AMP support for their sites before it rolls out this feature to all users.

An average AMP page loads 4 times faster than non-AMP pages as of now, with a page loading under 1 second. Rudy Galfi, a product manager on the AMP team, has told another website that this should not affect ranking chages, which means that rankings remain unaltered, even though a website may have provided an AMP version of the page.

But seeing this from the point of view of a normal user, one is more likely to click on an AMP page than any other page because it would just save time. It would also save a user from experiencing non-mobile friendly websites that ruin the browsing experience.

Anyway, with today’s announcement, Google basically has unveiled an early preview of their expanded AMP support across search engine results. Which means one would begin to see the AMPs, in the blue links alongside other non-AMP pages. You will be able to tell the difference because AMPs will be designated by the familiar lightning bolt icon next to it.

Amp Blue - SEO Bangalore

Now with the new announcement for this feature, and even with  Google’s emphasis on saying that these pages wouldn’t affect ranking changes for a website – it’s only a matter of time & experimentation that will give a more accurate picture of what really is effective for SEO.

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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace The Need For Marketing & SEO Experts Like Us?!

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One of the most eye-opening and futuristic articles I’ve recently come across is the one by the article published by Martech Advisor which pretty convincingly says that: Half of Marketing Jobs Will Be Replaced By Machine Intelligence. Now being a marketer and an SEO expert, that’s a pretty scary thought.

Especially seeing that it has taken ideas from studies done in Oxford & Harvard (what happens to society when robots replace workers?) among many other pieces of data and research.

Intelligent SEO

Positive Speculation: Artificial Intelligence & SEO Experts Can Co-exist

But fortunately, the conclusion they’ve come up with is, that apart from basic market analysis and research, the main skill of marketing strategy and planning will have to be done and left upon to humans.

Which ultimately should give a big sigh of relief to every marketer. After all, marketing is a pretty creative endeavour in itself, even though its effectiveness is often measured by the revenue it is able to generate for a business. Which is be pretty boring. Except for the business owners who are keen on making a profit and avoiding a loss 😀

Anyway, why this topic is important and relevant for us doing SEO for clients is simple.

No matter what tools, software or robots a company might hire… unless they have good SEO experts on their team, they’ll not be able to compete with their competitors.

This goes for hiring any ‘good’ SEO person in-house or a SEO Company to do the job for you as well.

It takes planning to do good SEO.

What makes for good search engine optimisation planning?

Well, ask a good SEO expert!!! 😉 hehe

Talk to you soon!


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SEO & Chemistry?!!

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Okay, we’ve got something special for you today!

It’s a pretty intensive and in-depth overview of what needs to be done to achieve success in your SEO campaign.

And even though Chemistry was like the subject I feared most in my early education days, this periodic table makes perfect sense:

Search Engine Land Period Table SEO

Periodic Table For SEO | By SearchEngineLand | Source: http://searchengineland.com/seotable

A very good infographic to use to plan out one’s SEO marketing campaign.

But we know that this can be overwhelming for business owners to understand and implement all by themselves. That’s a lot of stuff that

Which is where we step in and handle SEO for them.

We might still not do all the activities in the graphic mentioned above, because most of the times time and budget are factors that don’t allow for much work to be done. But we certainly do the most effective things that can be done with our clients requirements and budget constraints, which ultimately will help them rank and keep them happy.

And ofcourse, when they’re happy, we are happy! 😉


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Would It Be Better For SEO Purposes To Shift From HTTP To HTTPs?!

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There has always been some sort of a debate among SEOs and a curious question. Does Google prefer to rank HTTPs versions of websites more than their HTTP counterparts? Looks like we have found an answer to it in a great article by Patrick Stox.

Interestingly in August 2014, Google had announced that they would give a small ranking boost to websites that are secure. You can check that article by Google on HTTPs as a ranking factor here: https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2014/08/https-as-ranking-signal.html

bangalore seo https vs http

Well, even though they made this very clear that HTTPs was supposed to work better, not many websites and SEOs did much about it. Why?

Because migrating a website from HTTP to HTTPs is a huge task in itself. Even though Google has come out with its own guide on how you can transfer your website from HTTP to HTTPs and make it more secure, there are just way too many factors that make the whole task daunting.

For one, you’ll have to make sure the website smoothly transitions into its secure version and has all its functioning intact.

Second, you’ll have to ensure that Google is able to crawl all the new data paths correctly.

Third, you’ll have to ensure that all your old links are redirected to this new URL address.

And then, if you’re using a platform like WordPress, then you’ll have to double-check whether your plugins and softwares are still working properly.

That’s just some of the things that need to be considered before making a change like this.

It’s a task we’ve been considering for a while as well. But as you can see, it’s not a very easy decision to make, especially when things can go wrong at so many places and it might take a lot of time and trial and error.

But we do plan on doing it in some near future for Bangalore SEO. Knowing how you can migrate a big site into HTTPs will work as a great benefit for our clients who need that extra bit of ranking push to dominate in the search engines.

Anyway that’s all for today. Will keep you updated on more SEO news as we go.


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Should You Make Your Website Mobile Friendly?

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As per a very important Q&A video released by Google Webmasters shot in March 2015, from April 21st 2015, Google has been using Mobile Friendliness nature of a website as one of the major factors in rankings, especially when it comes to mobile devices.

This update seems like a natural consequence as the number of users browsing the web on mobile and tablet devices. The browsing experience of such users is greatly diminished if a website is not catered well to their device.

Search Engline Land did a major feature on this issue as well, aptly terming this update as ‘Mobilegeddon‘. However in terms of SEO, as time went on, not many websites were affected by this update even when they were not mobile friendly. But here is where things get interesting.

In a recent announcement made by Google, they’ve made it clear that from May 2016 they will be pushing for making mobile friendly nature of a website a major ranking contributor.

This means that businesses should take heed this time and not pass up on the clear sign that Google is giving them to stay ahead of the competition. We certainly will be helping our clients to stay mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly SEO Bangalore


Resource: Check Whether Your Website Is Currently Mobile Friendly

Resource: If you want to check whether your website is mobile friendly or not, use Google’s very own Mobile Friendly Test. Just type in your URL and you’ll know whether you’re safe or need to fix things.



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We Are Live!

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Whoa! It has been a hell of a ride to get here.

Boatloads of cash & dollars (in the tens of thousands) invested in getting the best tools/technology.

Countless hours spent on researching and testing everything that does & doesn’t work in SEO.

All for the launch of Bangalore SEO.

We’ve committed to be among the best SEO experts & service providers in Bangalore.

And you better believe that we’re going to make it happen.

If you’re to become one of our lucky clients…. you’re in for a ride! If you’re interested to get SEO services for your business, get in touch by filling out the Discovery Form.

Believe me, you need our help… because one does not simply rank high on Google.

Stay tuned for more from us soon :D